Meet our Machines: The HARTFORD PBM-135A

The HARTFORD PBM-135A is the second CNC machine featured in our “Meet our Machines” series showing Pryme Group capabilities.

By providing a complete manufacturing service, Pryme delivers simple to complex jobs thanks to the full range of Computer Numerical Control machines it owns (for a list click here). The scope of these articles is to present the Group’s precision machining capabilities. We gave an overview of the Mazak Integrex e-1600V/10 in the first article.  This new instalment in the Meet our Machines series shows how Pryme can help bring your engineering designs to life thanks to the Hartford PBM-135A.

How this boring and milling machining centre supports Pryme processes.

The Hartford is a precision horizontal boring & milling machining centre. It is equipped with a heavy-duty precision spindle with a speed of up to 2,500rpm. The working capability of this precision machine is of 2,000mm³. Moreover, it has a 4.5 axis capacity and a boring centre accuracy of 0.02mm. These features lend to our machinists having higher flexibility during operations. Also, the oversized column makes for greater stability during cutting, giving our specialist better control and precision during activities.

Some of this CNC machine features:

  • Spindle speed of 5-2,500 rpm
  • 4.5 axis capacity
  • 2,000 mm³
  • max table load 8,000 kg

We are Exotic Materials Experts:

Pryme Group team of experts specialises in working high-performance materials. The highly regarded inconel family of superalloys are one of these. Also, we work on monel, the group of nickel alloys, and on duplex austenitic stainless steel. Besides, we machine also low alloy steel and other grade steel and alloys. For an overview of the pieces we have completed recently, check out our CNC Machining Service News page or our LinkedIn page. Our specialist machinists and our varied park of high-precision machines will support you in bringing high-quality manufacturing jobs to completion on time.

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