TME was founded in 1995 and later acquired by Pryme Group Ltd in 2015. Under a new management, a 58,000 sq ft new facility opened in late 2018 in North Tyneside under the new name Pryme Group Newcastle.  TME was specialist in hydraulics, providing support throughout the lifecycle of hydraulic systems. The unique mix of TME technical expertise and resources enabled the team to engineer, manufacture, test, install and maintain hydraulic system. For enquiries, please contact us here.

Background and Outlook

Founded in 1995, TME Hydraulics is focused on providing complete hydraulic services for customers in the offshore, marine and process industries.  Today, we continue to invest in the equipment and facilities required to ensure that we are able to meet the growing demands of our customers.

TME Hydraulics joined Pryme Group in 2015. This strengthened the key market proposition of TME and created a robust platform for further growth. Working seamlessly with the five other divisions within the group provides a broad, integrated contract manufacturing service and gives all our customers a much wider range of options in the scope of supply, as well the confidence that we can meet all their contract manufacturing needs.

From the design of new solutions right through to enhancing lifetime extension on existing systems, TME Hydraulics provide the complete hydraulic service for customers in the offshore, marine and process industries.

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