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Hydratron – High Pressure Equipment  

Background and Outlook

Founded as a family business in 1981, Hydratron has developed a reputation for innovative solutions for a wide range of pressure testing applications accommodating requirements up to 100,000psi, as well as its design and manufacture of HPU’s, Control Systems, Flushing Rigs and High Pressure Fatigue/Cycle Test Stations.

After further expansion in 2010, Hydratron has relocated and further extended its UK manufacturing plant, into larger, more flexible facilities, providing significant additional capacity for growth and the development of Core product, Standard and Engineered systems.

In June 2018 Hydratron was acquired by Pryme Group, a turnkey service for global contract manufacturing, to develop it into new markets, such as aerospace and defence, while bringing benefits to its existing supply chain – including those operating in the oil and gas industry – through Pryme Group’s expertise and capabilities in those areas.

Hydratron is a trusted manufacturer of high pressure and flow control equipment, widely recognised for the ability to create innovative high-quality solutions.

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