Pryme Group Newcastle is a machining, fabrication and engineering company with an extensive blue-chip client base in various industrial sectors.

Background and Outlook

Pryme Group Newcastle is an engineering and manufacturing facility that enables complete project fulfillment under one roof. From our North Tyneside facility, the Centre of Excellence is capable of providing project management, engineering design, CNC machining, fabrication, assembly, hydraulics, testing and painting services.

Formed originally in 1976 as MKW Engineering Limited, Pryme Group Newcastle has grown from a single workshop to a £10 million facility, with a wide range of modern CNC machines and fabrication equipment.

Historic Companies

The Pryme Group Newcastle is the coming together of 3 well-respected engineering brands from the North East.

MKW Total Engineering provided customised solutions to individual engineering challenges; managing the entire process from design, manufacture, assembly & installation, all from one location.

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TME Hydraulics supported the complete lifecycle of hydraulic systems; offering engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance services; to facilitate any customers hydraulics needs.

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Stargate Precision Engineering used the latest CNC equipment to manufacture precision-machined components for a wide range of industries including the aerospace, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical sectors.

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“We create bespoke solutions in response to client inquiries, ranging from design work on specialist machinery to process equipment, product redesign, production, and project management.”

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