With a reputation built on meeting the demanding manufacturing requirements for complex medical components, Stargate Precision Engineering specialises in the use of the most advanced CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment to manufacture precision-machined components for a wide range of industries including the aerospace, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Background and Outlook

Stargate Precision Engineering was established in 1995. The company was spun off from MKW Engineering in 1995 to meet the demand for complex medical and other precision components. Today, we specialise in the manufacture of precision-machined components across many sectors and engineering disciplines.

Stargate joined Pryme Group in 2015. This strengthened the key market proposition of the business and created a robust platform for further growth. Today, we work seamlessly with the five other divisions within Group to provide a broad, integrated contract manufacturing service.

Stargate’s experienced teams operate state-of-the-art 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC equipment with a focus on high quality and high performance. Our range expertise and capabilities ensure we are be recognised as one of the UK’s most capable machine shops.

Pryme Group

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