Category: Case Studies

Casing penetrator machined from blank – Case study

A screenshot of a CAD design for a CNC machined flange on a custom work holding for the final stage of CNC machining

Machining a casing penetrator from a blank – Case study We had an enquiry for the sub-contract manufacturing of a 30˚ flange to flange connection casing penetrator. The item could not be sourced as a casting so was required to be manufactured from a solid piece. We worked with the customer to repair the component CAD model to ensure it was suitable for the finish part required. Our Manufacturing Engineer reconfigured the model for customer approval so we could commence…

Machining downhole tools – Case study

A completed downhole tool which has been machined at GA Scotland, part of Pryme Group

Machining complex geometries We were approached by a customer who specialises in downhole tools for the oil and gas industry. They needed a large batch of downhole parts machined with complex geometries. Our team at GA Scotland set about working on the best machining solution to keep the costs low for the customer whilst ensure that the exacting quality standards were maintained. Overcoming machining challenges The fins of the downhole tool needed to be considered when setting up tooling and…

Hydratron Relief Valve Test System

Hydratron custom designed relief valve testing system

Hydratron Relief Valve Test Rig – Case Study Hydratron, part of Pryme Group, manufacture high pressure and flow control equipment, and are widely recognised for creating innovative solutions that provide performance assurance. They were approached by a global valve manufacturer looking to increase their production capacity through improvements to their testing through a new relief valve testing system. Hydratron designed and manufactured a bespoke valve test rig to run pressure tests on their relief valves that would be capable of…

SengS PR2 Test Unit – Case Study

A powerful Hydraulic and Gas Power Unit providing a test piece or product pressure requirements during PR2 testing to API 6A standard.

Developing a PR2 Test system for product testing SengS were approached by an international leader in stainless steel and high alloy castings as well as in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries. They were looking to enter the subsea market sector with their products. They already provided equipment into LNG and Nuclear markets, but had ambitions to break into the Oil & Gas sector. Existing market applications for customer equipment only required low temperature qualification. In…

Sliding Head Machining – Case Study

Sliding Head Machined Christmas Trees

Behind the scenes – Sliding head machining a showpiece We were looking for a unique Christmas gift to send out for 2020 that would show off our capabilities in design and machining. The aim was to create something that would be proudly displayed by the recipients and that would last for many years. GA Sliding Head, part of Pryme Group, was perfectly suited to this task. They specialise in sliding head machining, which is perfect for producing small, intricate components…




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