We provide a global supplier to the offshore Oil and Gas industry providing in-house design, development and manufacture of standard and customised remote intervention ROV tooling.

Pryme Group’s member company SengS provides turnkey Subsea Intervention engineering solutions, from concept through to design, prototyping and manufacturing, also working closely with its clients to provide a rapid & highly engineered solution to time critical projects whilst providing cost savings and reduced lead times.

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ROV Tooling

Riser Cleaning Tool

The Riser Cleaning Tool is a lightweight and easy to function tool which fits securely onto risers ranging from 200-300mm OD with minimal adjustments required. Water pressure of up to 10,000psi is used to provide 360-degree cleaning of the riser.

Integrated debris removal scrapers on both ends of the tool ensure that it can operate bi-directionally thus offering potential time savings during cleaning operations.


The SengS Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) is designed to facilitate the mounting of the Linear Actuator Override Tool (LAOT) and 17D & 17H Rotary docking torque tools directly to the Remotely Operated Vehicle.

AX / VX Gasket Removal Tool

  • 16 3/4″ to 18 3/4″ shoe sets supplied
  • 15″ to 21″ + shoe sets available for greater functionality
  • Rubberised edged protect gaskets
  • 14kg in Air

ROV Umbilical/Cable Cutter

Pryme Group has a fleet of SengS 4″ air powered reels available for hire or sale. The reels are designed to store, deploy and recover a range of hose and umbilical applications. all reels are designed to DNV2.7-1 / DNV2.7.3 and are ATEX & CE Marked.

Float Buoy Splitter

FLS 12 – Float/Buoy Splitter is designed to perforate submerged trawler net floats from 6” up to 12” this is to prevent the possibilities of floats exploding when recovered on deck.

Hydraulic Grinder Model GR29

The Stanley GR29 is a portable hand held tool, designed for use by a Diver or ROV. It is primarily used for grinding and cutting operations, but can also be fitted with rotary wire brushes and a variety of abrasive and polishing discs.

Hot Stabs & Receptacles

SengS provide various Hot Stabs for diver use.

  • High Flow Hot Stabs
  • 17D Hot Stabs
  • 17H Hot Stabs
  • Dummy Hotstabs
  • Hotstab Recepticles

Diamond Wire Cutter

The SengS Diamond Wire Cutting System (DWCS), is a high-efficiency system for cutting underwater structures and pipelines using a specially designed Diamond Wire.

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