Pryme Group offers one of the largest range of Star Sliding Head machines in the UK. Specialists in precision CNC machining, we can machine parts from 0.3mm to 38mm in diameter and can offer up to 9-axis capabilities thanks to our sliding head precision machining capabilities.

28 Sliding Head Machines

0.3mm to 38mm Diameter Machining

Exotic Materials Experts

Multi-Tool Machines

Precision CNC Machining

Sliding Head Precision Machining Service Breakdown

We are specialists in the manufacture of advanced CNC precision machined components in the 0.3mm to 38mm range. Thus, Pryme Group’s Sliding Head precision machining is the preferred supplier of many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

We have made -and continue to make- investments in our machinery, technology and teams, always striving to improve the service and quality we provide.

For example, some of the industries we supply are the telecoms, aerospace, defence, medical and automotive.

Overall in the Group, we own more than 140 CNC machines and can meet most supply request thanks to the dislocation of our facilities in focus areas of the UK.

Exotic Materials Experts

Additionally, we have many years of experience working with specialist materials such as inconel, monel and duplex, as well as grade steel and alloys.

Production Flexibility

Plus, our highly skilled teams can produce small or large volumes of precision components at very competitive prices with no compromise on quality.

Quality Assurance

Furthermore, our experienced and well-trained staff work in conjunction with modern and proven technical systems to meet unique requirements.

Precision CNC Machining


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Sliding Head Precision Machining Jobs

CNC Machining

Sliding Head Precision Machining Capabilities

The Group’s sliding head machining capabilities include, but are not limited to:


Sliding Head Machines - Light


Sliding Head Machines - Medium


Sliding Head Machines - Heavy

All machines sport FMB automatic bar feeds and swarf conveyors to allow maximum unmanned and ‘lights out’ running.

Supplementary Tools

  • Manual Hardinge with 5C Collets
  • Tapping Machine
  • Vertical Drill
  • Hand Press
  • Flash Cap

Inspection Tools

  • Mitutoyo QV Non contact measuring machine
  • Hummer Contour 414 Non contact measuring machine
  • Shadowgraph
  • Pryor Stamping Machine
  • Microscopes x 6

CNC Machining

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UK Facilities

50 Years Of Experience.

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