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Pryme Group offers one of the most extensive ranges of Star Sliding Head machines in the UK. We can machine small parts from 0.3mm to 33mm in diameter and can offer up to 9-axis capabilities. By delivering both small and large volumes on very competitive times and prices, we can provide valuable support for a wide variety of clients’ needs. We’re also specialists in precision CNC machining for larger products.

27 Sliding Head Machines

0.3mm to 35mm Diameter Machining

Exotic Materials Experts

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Precision CNC Machining

Sliding Head Precision Machining Service Breakdown

We are specialists in using sliding head machines for the manufacture of advanced CNC precision machined components in the 0.3mm to 33mm range. Combined with quality assurance procedures, Pryme Group’s Sliding Head precision machining facility is the preferred supplier of many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

We have made – and continue to make – investments in our machinery, technology and teams, always striving to improve the service and quality we provide.

Our sliding head facility has 27 machines (plant list available below), all equipped with bar feeders, allowing for lights out and continuous production cycles.  Overall in the Group, we own more than 140 CNC machines and can meet most supply requests thanks to the dislocation of our facilities in focus areas of the UK.

Exotic Materials Experts

We have many years of experience working with specialist materials such as inconel, monel, titanium and duplex, as well as grade steel and alloys. Using something not listed? Contact us.

Production Flexibility

Our highly skilled teams can produce small or large volumes of precision components at very competitive prices with no compromise on quality.

Quality Assurance

Our experienced and well-trained quality control staff work in conjunction with modern and proven technical systems to meet unique quality requirements.

Machining small components

Precision component machining in a range of materials

Pryme Group are the preferred cnc machining provider to a number of global companies, providing small component cnc machining services to the  oil and gas, aerospace, defence, and medical industries. With our broad experience we have machined small components in a wide range of materials. Our machining teams are capable of machining miniature components in aluminum, brass, titanium, duplex, monel, inconel, and plastics such as PEEK, Delrin and Acetal.


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Sliding Head Precision Machining Capabilities



Light Sliding Head Machines

Star SR10 Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x4)
10,000 RPM 35m/min rapids

STAR SR10 Sliding Head CNC Lathe
Fitted with FMB Micromag for 1mm to 10mm bar

STAR SA12 Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x2)

STAR SA16 Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x3)



Medium Sliding Head Machines

Star SR20R II Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x3)
C-Axis Sub & Main Spindle, 35m/min rapids High-Pressure Coolant

Star SR20R II Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x2)
C-Axis Sub & Main Spindle, 35m/min rapids High-Pressure Coolant with JBS Compensating Guide Bush

STAR SR20R III Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x2)
High-Pressure Coolant with JBS Guide Bush

STAR SR20R IV Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x3)



Heavy Sliding Head Machines

STAR SR32J Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x3)
With JBS Guide Bush and High-Pressure Coolant

STAR SV32 Sliding Head CNC Lathe (x3)
Up to 6 driven tools, Rigid Turning

STAR SR32J II Sliding Head CNC Lathe
With 36 mm Diameter Oversize Kit

All of our sliding head machines sport FMB automatic bar feeds and swarf conveyors to allow maximum unmanned and ‘lights out’ running.


To guarantee the quality of the products coming from our Sliding Head facility, we operate a range of inspection equipment. As well as checking for non-conforming parts and productions issues, parts are checked and cleaned of burrs.

  • Mitutoyo QV Non contact measuring machine
  • Hummer Contour 414 Non contact measuring machine
  • Baty Shadowgraph (x4)
  • Microscopes (x6)

Supplementary Tools

  • Goodway Fixed Head GLS-2000LYS machining up to 65 mm Diameter
  • Manual Hardinge Lathes with 5C Collets (x3)
  • Tapping Machine
  • Vertical Pedestal Drills (x2)
  • Hand Press
  • Flash Cap

50 Years Of Experience.

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